Laser Vision Correction FAQ

Have questions about what laser vision correction is or how it works? The answers below will help.

Does Laser Vision Correction Hurt?

In order to numb the eyes, anesthetic eye drops are placed prior to the procedure. Most patients say they feel some pressure during the procedure, which only lasts a few seconds. After the procedure you may have some light sensitivity, tearing or burning in the eyes, which should subside after a few hours. These symptoms are temporary.

Will I Be Able To See Right Away?

Most patients will notice an improvement in vision immediately following treatment. Visual recovery varies for each person but usually stabilizes at 3 months. The speed at which your vision improves is due to individual healing rates, type of procedure and degree of nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism. Most patients find that their eyes feel fairly normal within a day. However, vision can continue to improve and best vision can take two to three months to occur. If necessary, enhancements can be done after your vision has stabilized to further improve your vision. Patients who have hyperopic LASIK may have a longer healing process.

When Can I Return To Work?

Laser Vision Correction FAQ

It depends on your occupation. Most patients go back to work and resume their daily activities within one to three days following LASIK. Your doctor will discuss any activities you should avoid immediately after your treatment.

Will I Have 20/20 Vision After LASIK?

An overwhelming majority of patients achieve vision which enables them to perform most of their daily activities without the need for glasses or contact lenses.

How Long Does The Laser Vision Correction Procedure Take?

The entire procedure takes about 20-30 minutes for two eyes. This includes anesthesia to the eye(s), creating the flap and performing the laser treatment.

Even though LASIK has provided millions of people will clear, hassle-free vision, not everyone is a fully LASIK qualified candidate. The experienced LASIK surgeons at the Sibia Eye Institute will only recommend LASIK for the very best candidates.If our doctors conclude that you are not a strong LASIK candidate, they will recommend one of the many other possible vision correction services offered at the Sibia Eye Institute.