Cosmetic Procedures in Boynton Beach & Lake Worth, FL

At Sibia Eye Institute, we offer a range of cosmetic surgery procedures that can not only improve your appearance but also improve your vision. Our highly skilled doctors are experts in cosmetic eye surgery and other cosmetic procedures. From blepharoplasty to dermal fillers that minimize fine lines and wrinkles, at Sibia Eye Institute you will receive the finest care and the best possible results. Read more about our cosmetic procedures below.

Eyelid Surgeryeyelid-surgery

Cosmetic eyelid surgery (known as blepharoplasty) is cosmetic surgery that reduces or eliminates droopy eyelids (ptosis). Upper eyelids can become droopy with age and lower eyelids sometimes become baggy. In addition, your eyebrows can sag or droop. A blepharoplasty gives you a more youthful, energetic appearance.However, it is often more than just cosmetic eye surgery. By reducing an obstructed field of vision, blepharoplasty can also improve your vision.Learn more about:

Wrinkle Correctionwrinkle-correction

BOTOX® Cosmetic, Dysport®, and Xeomin® are commonly used for wrinkle correction. They are injectable neuromodulators, which means they temporarily block the nerve impulses of targeted muscles. By doing so, they reduce or eliminate contraction-induced wrinkles. Each is made from purified botulinum toxin A in slightly different formulations. None of them carry a risk of botulism when used correctly. These treatments are most effective on wrinkles that appear when you move your face, such as when you laugh, smile, or frown.Learn more about these cosmetic procedures:

Dermal Fillersdermal-fillers

Dermal fillers are another way to reduce facial lines as well as improve fullness and volume in the face. Your face naturally loses subcutaneous fat as you age. This means that your facial muscles are closer to the skin’s surface, so smile and laugh lines become more noticeable. Your facial skin also stretches slightly, which adds to the loss of facial volume. Sun exposure, lifestyle, and heredity also contribute to the appearance of the facial skin. Dermal fillers can reduce early aging signs.Learn more about these cosmetic procedures:

Other Cosmetic Injectionscosmetic-procedures

Other cosmetic procedures offered include fillers such as Perlane®, Restylane®, Juvederm® and Latisse® for lash growth. Perlane® / Restylane® add volume and fullness to lessen the appearance of wrinkles and folds, especially around the nose and mouth. Juvederm® restores volume to cheeks and lips. Sometimes called the lunchtime lift, Latisse® helps lashes grow fuller, longer, and darker.Learn more about these cosmetic procedures: Contact us to find out which cosmetic procedure is right for you.