Tecnis Symfony IOL

Life is lived at more than one distance, so you need to be able to see clearly at more than one distance. You can get seamless, continuous vision at all ranges while also mitigating the effects of age-related nearsightedness (presbyopia) with the TECNIS Symfony® IOL. There is also a version of the lens approved for people with astigmatism.Sibia Eye Institute offers the TECNIS Symfony IOL, a state-of-the-art intraocular lens to restore vision. The procedure can be done in both the Boynton Beach and Lake Worth, FL offices.

What is Tecnis Symfony IOL?

The Tecnis Symfony is the latest breakthrough in intraocular lens technology. It diffracts light in such a way that the lens gives you a seamless, extended range of vision. Monofocal IOLs correct one range of vision – near, middle, or far – which is set by the eye surgeon. Similarly, Multifocal IOLs correct two ranges of vision at once, distance and either middle or near.

What Does Tecnis Symfony IOL Correct?

Tecnis Symfony is designed to improve vision at most ranges, without a blurry zone between focal points. It can enhance image quality and provide expanded and continuous depth of focus. This means it delivers a continuous full range of high-quality vision with reduced incidence of halos and glare that often occur with traditional multifocal IOLs.

How Does It Work?

The Symfony IOL elongates the eye’s focus, rather than producing two distinct focal points. This elongated focus provides a more continuous spectrum of sharp vision from distance through intermediate and to near points. In addition, because light is not focused at two distinct points, glare and halos should not be as noticeable.


The technological advances of the Tecnis Symfony IOL offer numerous advantages, such as:
  • Clear, continuous vision — at most ranges near, far and in between
  • Excellent image contrast and uncorrected visual acuity
  • High-quality vision even in patients with astigmatism
  • Excellent performance in any lighting condition
  • Low incidence of visual disturbances

What are the Risks?

All eye surgeries have some risks, but the incidence of risk with the Tecnis Symfony is rare. Your ophthalmologist will thoroughly discuss all possible risks with you before surgery.
  • Worsening of or blurred vision
  • Bleeding or infection
  • Visual halos, glare or starbursts
  • Poor visibility in dim lighting or fog


You should expect improved vision the day following your surgery, with continued, dramatic improvement during the course of the next week and month following the procedure. Most patients choose to have both eyes corrected on the same day so that they can heal faster and adapt to their new visual system. After the procedure, most patients can read from 12-28 inches, which is the functional range for reading and computer distance.

Who Is a Good Tecnis Symfony IOL Candidate?

If you have presbyopia and/or astigmatism, have a normal eye exam, and are dependent on bifocals or reading glasses, you may be a candidate. Although a breakthrough technology initially approved for cataract patients, you can qualify for Tecnis Symfony even if you don’t need cataract surgery.