Laser Vision Correction in Boynton Beach & Lake Worth, FL

Have you been considering LASIK Laser Vision Correction? Now is a great time to find out if you are a candidate.

How does laser vision correction work?laser-vision-correction

Laser vision correction procedures (PRK, LASEK, LASIK) work by removing tissue from the surface of the eye (cornea). To correct nearsightedness, the cornea needs to be flatter, so the laser removes tissue from the center of the cornea. If a patient has astigmatism, the eye is flattened more along one axis (e.g., vertical) than in the other (e.g., horizontal). To correct farsightedness (hyperopia), the center of the cornea is steepened, so the laser removes tissue from the periphery rather than the center.After creating a personal vision profile; a digital 3-D custom map of your eye, the laser creates the corneal flap and a specialized tool will reshape the cornea.

Step 1 – Testing

The first step in the procedure is to perform a series of tests to determine the individual characteristics of your vision using a wavescan technology.

This creates a 3-D map of the unique imperfections of your eyes. This technology provides 25 times more precise measurement than with standard methods used for glasses and contact lenses. This map is used to drive the laser that corrects your vision.

Step 2 – Making The Flap

A very thin flap of tissue is created by the physician and this flap is folded back in order to perform your Lasik procedure. The laser creates an extremely precise flap by producing tiny bubbles inside the cornea (clear front surface of the eye).

Step 3 – Your Laser Vision Correction

Now that the corneal flap has been created, your vision can be corrected using specialized treatment utilizing the laser.

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