Dry Eye Treatment

Relief At Last

Dry eye is a chronic disease caused by deficiencies in the quantity and quality of meibum within the tear film on your eyes. In addition, over 30 million people are effected in the United States alone.

Of those 30 million people, approximately 86% have clinical signs of Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD).

What Is MGD?

A protective layer of moisture called the tear film coats the front surface of your eye every time you blink. An oily layer called meibum is an essential part of the tear film.

Meibum is essential because it prevents the aqueous (water) layer from evaporating. MGD is when the meibomian glands that produce meibum are blocked, or the meibum is of poor quality.

As a result, persons with MGD experience dry eyes and rely on eye drops throughout the day.

How Sibia Eye Institute Can Help

If you suffer with dry eyes, you know all too well the constant struggle of using eye drops or artificial tears. We have a better solution!

Prior to treatment, your eyelids are checked to assess the level and quality of meibum produced. If the doctor notes a problem with either, they use the latest treatment option for MGD.

Our doctors use a device called an iLUX to clear blockages. This device gently holds your eyelid and warms the blocked glands with light-based heat. The amount of treatment is adjusted to your individual needs in real time by the doctor until the glands are clear.

Long Lasting Results

Dry eye symptoms such as gritty feel and irritation are greatly reduced following iLUX treatment.

Furthermore, clinical studies show meibomian gland scores were 3x better two weeks after receiving an iLUX treatment, and 4x better a month post-treatment.

After treatment, your eyelids will produce a healthier tear film and decrease or eliminate the daily hassle of artificial treatments with eye drops.

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